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  • latest Blog Post

    Published 21/11/19, by Kim Chaffey

    The children have enjoyed taking part in World Nursery Rhyme week.

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  • Friday 15th november 2019

    Published 15/11/19, by Kim Chaffey

    This week in Reception we have been focusing on kindness and what it means to be kind.  

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  • Friday 7th november 2019

    Published 08/11/19, by Lucy Estall

    The children came back to school on Monday morning with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. We shared our half term news.

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  • Friday 25th October 2019

    Published 25/10/19, by Lucy Estall

    We have moved on to learning our new letters and their sounds (n, ch, s, ee). 

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  • Friday 18th October 2019

    Published 22/10/19, by Lucy Estall

    In maths, we will be counting, adding and taking away up to 5. 

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  • Friday 12th July 2019

    Published 17/07/19, by Lucy Estall

    The muddle monkey has kept us busy this week. He set a challenge and gave us a problem to solve!

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  • Friday 5th July 2019

    Published 05/07/19, by Lucy Estall

    We have spent lots of time this week answering the children’s questions about Year 1 and ensured that it was normal to feel worried or scared when a change is about to happen.

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  • Friday 28th June 2019

    Published 28/06/19, by Lucy Estall

    This week we have been celebrating ‘Feel Good Week’ in school! We have talked about what makes us feel good and puts a smile on our face.

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  • Friday 21st June 2019

    Published 20/06/19, by Lucy Estall

    We have been very sporty! We practised our sports day events and talked about what we can do to stay healthy.

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  • Friday 7th June 2019

    Published 10/06/19, by Lucy Estall

    The ‘30 days wild’ challenge started this week where each child is given the opportunity, in the month of June, to take a class mascot and do something outdoorsy with it

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  • Friday 24th May 2019

    Published 24/05/19, by Lucy Estall

    In Phonics, we have been doing many fun activities to learn about our new sounds and working on our sentence writing.

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  • Friday 17th May 2019

    Published 17/05/19, by Lucy Estall

    We have been keeping a close eye on our class caterpillars this week and we have seen many changes happening!

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