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Federated with Knaphill School

The new curriculum divides the skill of reading into two sub-categories: "Word reading" & "Comprehension". By the end of year 6, the expectation is that children will be fluent readers. We promote a love of reading at Knaphill  in various ways e.g. through stimulating book areas, regular library visits and author visits. 

At Knaphill we use "Letters & Sounds" as our phonics scheme of work. This consists of 6 phases. Children are expected to reach Phase 5 by the end of year 1.

Nationally, a statutory  phonics test is carried out in Year 1. Those children who do not meet the required standard in Year 1, retake the assessment in year 2.

We use a range of reading schemes and "real books" which are colour banded according to the Institute of Education's system (and linked to bug club). Children are regularly assessed as they develop as readers to ensure that they are developing both decoding skills and comprehension skills. 

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