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Federated with Knaphill School

   KFOS Governing Board 2019

Member Confirmed Entity Nature Notes From To
Miss Elise Baird (staff) Confirmed 1 Oct 2019   None      
Miss Joanna Concannon (Headteacher) Confirmed 1 Oct 2019   None      
Miss Lauren Daley (Assosiate member) Confirmed 1 Oct 2019   None      
Miss Claire Davies (Co-opted) Confirmed 20 Nov 2019   None      
Ms Coral Davies (Clerk) Not Confirmed   None      
Mr Matthew Furniss (Co-opted) Confirmed 11 Dec 2019   None      
Mr Oliver Ivory-Bray (Parent) Confirmed 24 Sept 2019   None      
Mr Patryk Kolmer (Co-opted) Confirmed 24 Oct 2019   None      
Ms Claire Larkin (Authority) Confirmed 24 Sept 2019 Strictly Education 4S Employee      
Mrs Germaine McBride (Co-opted) Confirmed 24 Sept 2019 Holy Trinity Preschool Employee I work at a preschool which competes for children with the nursery    
Mr Alex Mendis (Associate Member) Confirmed 4 Oct 2018 Zurich Insurance plc Employee Should the school convert to academy status, a trading name under ZIP (Zurich Municipal) is a provider of insurance into the academy market.  This will be recorded at Resource Committee meetings should conversation occur. 21 Jan 2008  
Mrs Alison Packman (Co-opted) Confirmed 1 Oct 2019   None      
Mrs Anne Pinot de Moira (Co-opted) Confirmed 23 Sept 2019   None      
Mrs Julie Rudd (Co-opted) Confirmed 30 Sept 2019   None      
Mrs Liz Stephens (Co-opted) Confirmed 24 Oct 2019   None      
Mrs Rebecca Whale (Parent) Confirmed 15 Dec 2019   None